Convert an MMD model to Gmod

I was really hoping someone could turn this into a ragdoll. I would be extrememly grateful.

I’ve got no idea how to convert it, but I’ve been looking for a good Human Wheatley for ages. I finally found one I really like, but it’s only for Miku Miku Dance.

You don’t need to do both versions. I prefer the one without the labcoat.

I wrote a script for 3dsmax to import MMD models directly into max. I’m not offering to port this for you, but this will help whoever works on it you’ll also need this small script. since MMD doesnt use textures, it uses diffuse colour’ll need this script to convert create textures for you. sorry it was never apart of the actual PMD script

fn maketext s p = ( -- makes a 8x8 tga any colour, usage: (maketext savefile pixelcolour) if (doesFileExist s)!="true" do( -- don't overwrite if another file with the same name is present createFile s;s = fopen s "ab";nullTex=#() texWidth=8 texHeight=8 nullTex[(texWidth*texHeight)]=[0,0,0,0] for i = 1 to nullTex.count do(nullTex*=[,,,255]) --alpha set to white writebyte s 0 -- size of ID field that follows 18 byte header (0 usually) writebyte s 0 -- type of colour map 0=none, 1=has palette writebyte s 2 -- type of image 0=none,1=indexed,2=rgb,3=grey,+8=rle packed writeshort s 0 -- first colour map entry in palette writeshort s 0 -- number of colours in palette writebyte s 0 -- number of bits per palette entry 15,16,24,32 writeshort s 0 -- image x origin writeshort s 0 -- image y origin writeshort s texWidth -- image width in pixels writeshort s texHeight -- image height in pixels writebyte s 32 -- image bits per pixel 8,16,24,32 writebyte s 0 -- image descriptor bits (vh flip bits) for x=1 to nullTex.count do ((for y=1 to 4 do(writebyte s (nullTex[x][y] as integer))));fclose s))     clearlistener()       spath="C:\\"  obj=$ if obj!=undefined  then( if classof obj.material==multimaterial then( for x = 1 to obj.material.count do( mat=obj.material.materialList[x] if mat.diffuseMap==undefined do( maketext (spath+"tex_"+(x as string)+".tga") mat.Diffuse mat.diffuseMap=Bitmaptexture fileName:(spath+"tex_"+(x as string)+".tga") )))else(messagebox "mesh doesnt use a mulitmaterial")     )else(messagebox "no object selected?"    )  gc() fclose s 

this is a maxscript, be sure to type in your custom save path, default is C drive

Thanks. I don’t use 3dsmax, but I’m sure whoever decides to take my request will appreciate it.

If possible, can you do this? It’s a lemming re-created from video game Lemmings originally by DMA Design, it’s SNES / TurboGrafx-16 style

Ben, she’s not offering to port the model. She was just giving some help for whoever does. And if you want that lemming done you should make your own thread.

It’s a He.

Oh. My bad. Sorry. The username said Sarah, so I assumed…

Is anyone going to try making him a ragdoll?

my compiler doesn’t work… I can give you a QC and a SMD… you would need to compile yourself.

whats the phy bone limit now? I heard it was increased from 24

I made the request because I don’t know how to do it myself. I don’t have the necessary programs, and don’t understand what you just said.

I’m sorry if I sound like an idiot. I don’t mean to.

well… i had sucessfully ported models from MMD,
but there’s another problem.
Where’s the material since the model that imported were already shaded?

Let’s ask the guy who has been inactive since March.
He probably knows.

Yes, but when you just have Blender and not 3DSmax, how can we do that?

Nice job Aso-Designer… diden’t you realize this was a 2012 Post?-

For Blender, use something like this >
It should work for you. Just be careful in the future not to bump old threads like that.