Convert BSP maps to VMF

This might have been asked frequently, but I haven’t found anything helpful in my searches.
I’m very new to mapping, and I wanted to open a map I had. Problem is, the map is .bsp and as you probably know, Hammer doesn’t do anything with that. Is there any magical way to make that .bsp map into a .vmf map?

A Program called Vmex, don’t even think about de-compiling - editing and then releasing a map which somebody else has slaved over, unless unfortunately you get permission.

VMEX. I won’t link it, but as a preface there are things you should know;

  1. Decompiling is a rough guess at what the mapper did to create their map. There’s bound to be a lot of problems, so take whatever you’re learning with a grain of salt.
  2. Never take anything out of a decompiled map. If you want something from someone else map. Contact them, they might even provide the original vmf.
  3. (Deals with #1.) Always make sure you credit others for something you used from a decompiled map.

Decompilers like VMEX are the way to go. Be wary that the map won’t be rendered perfectly and there will be a assload of problems caused by the process.

Also, use decompiling only for learning purposes. Try to modify someone else’s map and release it as your own is a surfire way to make everyone have little respect for you. Real mappers make their own content.

So it’s bad if I try to see what stuff some other mappers used so I can use it in my own maps?

In this case, in particular, I’m trying to make a map for SourceTowers, a tower defense mod, and I have no idea how to make bugs come out of a cave and making them follow a specific route etc., so that’s why I want to see the map that came with the mod.


Also; can anyone give me some instructions on how to use VMEX?

Run it, select the .bsp file, click de-compile.

I’ve never had any issues with vmex decompiles unless I’m missing materials and the game has different entities.

There’s nothing wrong with decompiling a person’s map, just don’t recompile or release it. You can use it as an educational tool, just don’t do any final modifications to their stuff without permission.

Okay, thanks for your help.

ive only decompiled back when i knew really little , i used to get good maps decompile them and study them (after that i learned that decompiling isnt 100% accurate and started learning stuff on my own)

Converting from BSP to VMF is called decompiling. The issue with decompiling is that there is some guesswork that goes into it, and things are more likely to be off grid or missing entirely. I would also like to say that most mappers don’t like for people to decompile their map since they put so much effort into it and don’t want a piece of crap remake published. With all of that said, if you have permission to decompile and you are only working on the basis of mimmicking style, there is no problem with using VMEX or another similar program.

(The best solution is usually just to ask the original creator for the VMF file.)