Convert .DFF to .MDL

Hello my friends !

I want to convert some files who are in DFF to MDL can you help me ?
If you know how to do that, add me on skype : charpy.alexis
Or, do a Tutorial :slight_smile:


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UP ! I need help ! :S

Help ?

  1. It’s only been 2 hours, don’t bump your thread in such a short time.

  2. During the time that you aren’t receiving responses to your thread, Google is your best friend.

  3. You don’t convert the .DFF files into .MDL files - you convert them into .SMD files (you may need to convert them into another format first before turning them into .SMD files, such as .OBJ for example) and then you compile the .SMD files with the .qc that you will create for the compiler. You’ll need to make sure the rigging is intact and the .qc is properly written when you compile the model, otherwise you will have issues with the model (the compiler won’t work if the .qc has any issues, or the model will not behave as intended in the game).

And does it work for Gmod after that ?

Use one of these.

Convert it to 3dsmax, then save it as an .smd, then you make a .qc and compile it with the .smd as a .mdl.

I don’t have the patience sadly to explain it all but I’m sure some nice person from here will.

It will if you do everything properly, as well as have a legit copy of GMod.

I have it :slight_smile:

Can you explain it to me correctly, how must I do to convert SMD to MDL ? :slight_smile:

If necessary, you can decompile another model to see an example of how a .qc should appear before running it through a compiling program. Make sure you name all of the bones properly, according to the bones shown for your model.

Yes but how open it a MDL ? :S

You get the .smd and write a .qc

You load the .qc into GUIStudioMDL.

This outputs a .mdl file.

You then place the .mdl file and the related materials in your gmod directory as you would any other model.

Thank’s :slight_smile: