Convert fils .IMG to .MDL

Hello !

I need help, how can I convert files .IMG to .MDL ?
Help me please, I need help :frowning:


Image files to model files?

An IMG file is typically a file containing data on a disk, but I’m assuming you mean image files.
It is not possible. You may, however, wish to create a MDL file that has two faces (or four, if you want it to be on both sides), and then UV map it so that the image shows up properly.

I want to convert a GTA San Andreas Mod to a Gmod Addon, it’s possible, a guys did it. Now, this GTA’s addon is no longer available. And i need it for do a YouTube serie (The Knight Rider 2008 saison 2. Trailer in French: ) and I need the Mod convert for Gmod. Can you help me ?

An IMG file is an archive of files, it’s not a model. Open it with an IMG Editor/Opener and extract the files. GTA San Andreas uses .dff for models and .txd for textures.

Yes i have found them but how can I convert them to Gmod files, I need help :S