Convert GM map to Rp

How to convert GM map to rp_map?
Thx for reply

Depends on what you need to do to make it rp ready. Otherwise, just use it as is? Theres really nothing that special about them except the prefix

I want use map sanbox for darkrp server

Well, what would you have to do to make it fit your RP style? I think this is more on the lua department, not mapping.

Exemple this map is compatible for sandbox but work well for darkrp ?
What do you mean for @ I think this is more on the lua department

You can use whatever map, there’s no lua involved. It doesn’t matter if it has a tag like gm_ or rp_

Well, the map is fine as is if it fits your roleplay style. The maps prefix (GM_, RP_ TTT_) doesn’t dictate what gamemode you have to use.

In short, it’ll work.