Convert GTA4 Vehicle To Source Model


Does anyone know any methods to convert a GTA4 model (.wft / .wtd to a source model for use in GMOD?


Didn’t most of the models were already converted to GMod?
And no, there’s no simple problem to convert one of those files to GMod format and use it immediately, you will have to do quite a lot of stuff to make it a prop, and even more stuff to make it a driveable vehicle.

SicknessModels contains almost every GTA IV car.

Im talking about a custom GTA4 Car

Then please refer to Robotboy’s post.

GTA models are scaled SUPER SMALL; they’re scaled up in their engine… To make them ready for Source is a pain.

If I recall correctly you need ZModeler, plus another utility, and then one or 2 more to bring it over to Source. That doesn’t even cover texturing, rigging, etc… This is probably better suited for the modeling forum though…

this is the modeling forum, in case you are wondering

Scaling a model insn’t really that hard, getting the size correct might be harder.

The sizing itself isn’t difficult… Load up a player model / other car to help within sizing… But it adds an additional step some aren’t aware of.