Convert PData to table?

How do I convert a PData variable into a table exactly if it is supposed to be in that format but isn’t?

I don’t think PData can store tables, it can store strings, ints and floats.

If you want to save a table, you can do so very easily using **[Glon.encode](** and **[Glon.decode](**.

The library is very easy to use, you simply provide a table, it returns a string and you write to file, same for decode but other way around.

How to create a new file within lua then? like new file.Create(“text.txt”) how to create a text file with that kind of syntax or whatever?

If you really want to store tables that way just use SQL directly, its a way faster.

Yeah but what if I don’t have SQL?

Gmod comes with sql, look next time before you ask stupid questions.

No such as stupid question, just stupid people.

Sorry I meant, what if I don’t want to use SQL?

Sometimes their is only one solution.

Then you could glon encode it and put it in a text file, but it’s a hell lot slower.

Why can’t you glone encode it and put it in pdata