Convert WorldOfTanks NORMAL MAPS

Hey all.
I’m currently extracting assets from WorldOfTanks SandBox version (with the new HD maps)
All work fine except for normal map conversion:

Here is what looks like a game normalmap:

There is two channel with normal information: green channel & alpha channel

So i tried different combinaison as this:

But no one give a correct normal map look.

So this is why i need your help, if anyone have an idea for how to convert this map into a good normal map.

I planned to released a huge pack with all the asset extracted but i need to know how to get the normaps maps before.
Currently i have 187 objects extracted:

Thanks :downs:

Move the alpha channel to the place of the red channel.

Invert the green channel

delete the blue channel and replace it with a flat white texture.

Also, use [t] instead of [img].

Thanks for your answer but this is what i did ont the third picture and as you can see it doesn’t look liek a normal map

Send me the map.

You’re doing something wrong I think, it works perefectly for me, try following the steps in Gimp, Paint.NET or Photoshop.

[sp]Tu dois avoir loupé quelque chose car ça marche parfaitement pour moi, je ne sais pas dans quel programme tu fais les modifs mais en tout cas tu devrais essayer sur Paint.NET, Gimp ou Photoshop [/sp]

This was done using my earlier instructions.

Ok this is maybe my problem, i’m trying to do this in Blender since the beginning so this is probably my mistake.

Thanks for the help Portugalotaky and merci Hauptmann :wink: