Convertible car roof help

Been playing gmod on/off lately and just can’t work out a system that works well for a convertible car roof, so far my first two attempts have failed.

This was the first, halfway through the vid it doesn’t actually loose sync it’s just that each motion was a different control and I was mucking around with them seperately to see if they would spaz which they didn’t.

This is my second attempt, better yet still no where near decent.


So what I am basically after is if anyone has give this ago to chime in give me some tips.

I realize the contraptions themselves dont deserve a thread but I have no one else to ask really.

Media tags… people are lazy.

No it just didn’t work :confused:

lol awesome

If you were showcasing us your car roof, and no the car, why the hell were you recording in a distorted angle… Can’t see much.

Because I im artsy. And im hoping edburg will be able to help or someone of his caliber.

Look up Zeos’ Viper, I believe he had a pretty good working one. Just don’t fucking bump the thread.

edberg no longer plays games.

Damn, im starting to CBF too :frowning: good while it lasted, 6yrs haha.

yeah here…

here are the transparent guts

It basically works with a 2 timers, an expression, one wire thruster, several weld latches, remote axis, parent stool, prop collision, rope limiters and some invisible elastic dampers.

Oh cheers so much mate!