Converting .512 , .1024 to .dds > .tga ?

I got a rather complicated problem here. I am attempting to port Models from Metro 2033 for use in Source SDK.
I managed to port the models however without texture as you can see with the .mdl Viewer.

That’s because Wall worm’s tool is unable to create the Texture files. As you can see there:

Is it because Wall worm’s tool is not able to recognize the .512 / . 1024 file?. Would be of any use if I converted those files to .dds and then .tga? How am i supposed to open the model with textures then?

You can create the .vmt files manually by opening the vtf files in vtfedit and clicking tools>create vmt file.

But there are no .vtf files. i’m trying to create them.

But i could try to convert the .512 file to .vtf manually…lets see.

I think you need to convert the .dds to .tga then use tools>convert folder and change the .tgas to .vtfs

Or get a plugin for that allows you to export the images as vtfs.

or just converted the dds with vtfedit.

Yup this should work. But i would save lots of time if it would work manually.

The problem is that .512 and .1024 is not a proper file format. The file should be a .tga for it to work.

Or with the Photoshop plugin.

Sure but batch functions in photoshop for converting entire folders are messy to set up (and never had luck doing so)

vtfedit allows you to quickly set up a way to convert a fairly massive bunch of textures.

True, for batch conversions VTFEdit is superior. But if you’re doing singular textures (Such as I was doing porting the Star Wolves models which have .dds textures) photoshop can be easier.

I converted the textures to .dds and deleted the .512 , .1024 files , then i opened a mesh,model but the vtf exporter didn’t recognize the Textures. Then I converted the .dds to .tga and deleted the .dds files and now if I open a mesh or model it doesnt even recognize a texture on the model itself.

The error message in the OP quite clearly says that the files are still .512 and .1024.

Thats a screenshot when I still didnt convert the textures.

Actually while were on this topic, i need some help If youre using VTFedit to convert .dds to . tga… what setting do you use? I have had no luck as all my textures when i convert .dds to .tga are all black, so explain what settings do you all use

Please look at the post date before making a post. The thread is more than 5 years old, which I highly doubt you will ever get any answers here. Your best bet is to just PM the guy.