Converting a ragdoll into a player model.

Hi, i have an ichigo Ragdoll from the anime bleach i got in Apoc Hedgies Pack on
id like to have it turned into a player model but havent the slightest idea on how to do so, so if i could get someone to possibly make the layer model for me id greatly appreciate it. :smiley:
The link to where the pack for the ragdoll is right below.

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oh and this too if possible, a friend would like these as playermodels :slight_smile:

You would need to decompile it and rerig it to the valve skeleton. I used to have that model, it doesn’t use the defualt valve skeleton. I really don’t want to explain it much, but there are videos and tutorials everywhere for rigging ragdolls.

I checked online for tutorials and stuff but i can only find people showing off their models or people with my problem about other models, if you can find the time could you please give me the in depth explanation so i could maybe get a grasp on how to do it myself?