Converting a Ragdoll into a player model

Title says it all, I want to convert a ragdoll (bi-ped, human) into a playermodel with all the proper animations, no t-pose, can use guns. etc. Can you give me some tutorials or just tell me how here?

I JUST was reading about someone doing this on here…gimme a min to find the link.

Look through this thread. I haven’t really looked too much into it, but a little ways down and on the other pages he talks about using ragdolls to make playermodels.

So I just decompile, add female-player anims and recompile?


Got an error compiling.

ERROR: c:\users\kanshi\documents\workers\mdldecompiler.qc(19): - can’t find eyeball texture “eyeball_r” on model

My game just crashes when I go to select my model, its all fine until it loads the spawn icon for the worker player model, it just stops responding?? any answer for this? i installed models/materials in right place, it works in T pos with old un-animated one, but new one crashes it when loads spawn icon