Converting a texture to a different UV?

Hello, I am wondering if there’s anyway to convert a texture to a different UV map without doing it in Photoshop. I’ve asked in 2 threads so far about this and neither one of them I got an answer that was what I was looking for.

the uvw is laid out in the modeling program and assigned to the model. a picture of the uvw map is (traditionally) then exported and the texture painted on top in a different program. in order to change the uvw map you need a modeling program and the original model. if you want to apply parts of a texture to a different model you can copy and paste it into the correct place on the other model’s texture or you can open the model and unwrap the texture again.

short answer: no.

Try baking it in xNormal

Yes, it can be done, using something that’s similar to this method:
If you can’t be bothered reading all of that, here’s a summary:
You apply your texture/textures on the model before the changes, you put a Unwrap UVW modifier on your model, then you put a second UVW modifier on top of that, set the UVW channel on that second one to 2, moving over the original UVW along to that (latter versions of 3ds max let you do that automatically, in earlier versions you’ll have to save the UVW externally and load it on the other channel). Then do whatever changes to the UVW you need to do on the second channel, then use render to texture to render a diffuse from the second channel, that’ll render out a texture that’ll be made from the original textures but on the new UVW. Then you just move that edited UVW from the second channel back to the first one and apply that rendered texture. If you want to do that also with the normal map and specular and whatever else, after you render the first texture, apply the normals or whatever in place of the diffuse and render it again (just make sure to do it to a separate file so it doesn’t overwrite the original).

holy shit it worked thanks

this probably works, i didnt test it, but hopefully someone whos in need of the same thing see this thread in the future and sees this.