Converting CSS Knife Skins to a Standalone Viewmodel.

Hey guys, I’m a complete noob at modelling and I have no idea where to start. I was wandering if you guys could help me out, I would like to learn how to convert CSS Knife skins into a standalone viewmodel (for use on custom weapons).

e.g. Converting this -

Sorry if this is seemingly “obvious” or if its been answered elsewhere, I figured it would be faster just to post here after searching for about 15 minutes.

I can’t see the file right now; is it a texture or a model?

It’s a custom model and animation set.

Then just hext the model so that it uses a different name.

Can you link me to a tutorial, that would be really great.

Hey, so I tried to hex the model. It works as a standalone model, however, I am having problems.

Here is the hex:

The issue is the model comes out like this:

No textures as well as having no animations. I’m using the same code for this knife model as my css knife remake (which works perfectly)

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I also discovered that there is a model path at the top of the file, but if I change that, spawning in the weapon crashes my gmod :v:

Make sure that the texture directory matches the original directory. If you are using the default directory then you can add \custom to the end of the directory and derive your textures from there.

I fixed the issue above, however, if I change the filename so that it is longer than the original, it crashes my gmod saying something about running out of memory.

The model must be getting corrupted for some reason. Are you replacing any characters when you change the model name?

If it change the name to weapon_knife_test then my game crashes. However, if I change it, but it still only ends in one letter, then it works, i.e. weapon_knife_b.

That’s odd; probably a hex spacing issue.