Converting detailed brushes into models?

I already tried Propper, but it doesn’t compile models detailed enough as I would like (also some textures aren’t working for some reason). Any alternatives?

Make whatever you’re creating in Propper at 2x/4x the size you actually want it and then scale it down afterwards with propper’s scale factor.

Or use an actual modelling program, which will immediately give you more control since you’re no longer limited by VBSP’s accuracy.

What about those texture errors I keep getting(Textures that wont compile into the model)?

I already tried XSI Softimage Modtool but I couldn’t get the hang of it.

Try to make a separate VMF with detailed brushwork, then open it up with Crafty tool and convert it to .OBJ, then convert it to .SMD with 3Ds Max and compile it, that’s what I do anyways.