Converting Entites into Props while "Retaining" it's properties.

Hi guy’s im a noob to the forums but i will try to check my grammar for the grammar nazi’s and be polite as possible. I was just wondering is there anyway to convert Gbombs 3 (The awesome explosive’s pack) to a set of model’s but which still have the explosive properties. I want to do this because i want to create a bomber plane kinda thing or artillery but i want to use a prop spawner (To speed thing’s up a bit and make it easier). I don’t know but is there anyway to do this ?
Thank’s for your time

I’ve never actually used GBombs so I don’t actually know what they do, but you can give props properties similar to something like an explosive barrel, canister or gas can. I remember some PHX props being able to explode if you drop them, so you can probably do that as well. You’d have to decompile the model though and add the lines for it in the QC, then recompile.

The Gbombs have special scripted explosions, which can’t(to my knowledge) be converted into a prop’s effect. You can however, as ssa gib A said, make them explode like normal HL2 explosive barrels. I’ve seen many props that explode, such as the bobomb models. But you won’t have the fancy GBomb explosion mushroom cloud effect unless you spawn them as entities, enabling the lua scripts to work.