Converting GoldSrc maps to Source, rewritten because the previous guide sucked.


This is a rewrite of a guide I posted months ago. It sucked and you really couldn’t follow it. I rewritten some of it’s parts. Hope you have fun!

**Requirements: BSPTwoMap
Hammer 3.5 (the hl1 steamless version)

	 Half-Life 2 (gets you access to Source SDK, thus Hammer 4.1)

	 Hammer 4.1 (the hl2 steam version)

	 Mapfool (for the textures)

	 GCFScape (for the wad files)

	 VTFEdit (for creating vtf’s)

(Download links for the stuff above are found in the bottom of this post)**

First off, you’re going to need “BSPTwoMap”, which is kinda hard to find (atleast the version I’m using is), so you can grab it off the end of this guide.

Extract the file in a new directory, (in my case C:\BSPTwoMap)

Now, you’ll have two files, “BSPTwoMAP.exe” and “readme.txt”. We don’t really need readme, anyway, so you’re free to delete it except if you really want it.

Great, we have the prog. Let’s get the map. Grab the GoldSource BSP you want to port, and throw it in the BSPTwoMap directory.

Create a new txt file with Notepad, and write this inside it:

"C:\BSPTwoMap\BSPTwoMap.exe" "C:\BSPTwoMap\mapname.bsp"

Replace the directories with the ones you’ve put BSPTwoMap and your BSP in and replace mapname with the bsp’s filename.

Save it, and rename it’s extension to “.bat”.

Run the bat file, and it’ll do the conversion pretty fast.
When it’s done, you’ll get the message “Press any key to continue.”
Press any key, and the window will close.

Yay! We just made our new map file!

Now you need the program “MapFool”. We’ll use it to extract the textures or/and delete any unwanted entities.
You can snatch it off the Download Links section, in the bottom of this guide.

Open “MapFool”. You’ll be greeted with a user-friendly interface (well, not really, I mean, it’s a pretty clean GUI, but it may confuse some people :P)
Go to File>Open and open the map file that BSPTwoMap created before…

The raw data tab will be full of numbers ‘n’ sh*t.

This means that it works! :smiley:

See some lines saying about the “wad” files?

If they are from HL, you’ll need to export them from the “half-life.gcf” file, using GCFScape (again provided in the bottom of the guide). If they’re from another GoldSRC game, extract the wad file(s) from the corresponding GCF. If they’re from a mod, take them from the mod’s folder, and if they’re nowhere to be found, search for them in the internet.
After acquiring them, go to File>Options. You’ll see the “Wad files imported” thing, from there import the wad files that are written in the raw data tab (the ones we extracted).

Also, if you want the program to directly convert them to VTF files, you’ll need to add the path to VTEX.exe, which is located in the directory “Steam\steamapps\username\sourcesdk\bin\vtex.exe”
(The Steam folder is the folder where you have installed Steam!)

Then, add the “full path to textures folder” path (where it’ll put the tga textures) and you’re done.
After you’re done, press OK.

Make sure you didn’t miss any WAD file.

Now go to “Tools>Export textures to TGA”, and it’ll already have the “full path to textures folder” folder set as the output path. Click at proceed. After it tells you they’re extracted, you can either close MapFool or Proceed to making materials.

Converting TGA’s to Source Materials, if you’re going to make them yourself just restart reading below the bold “end material conversion part” line.
Click “Tools>Make Materials” The source path that it will take the TGA’s from MUST end with “materialsrc” in it. When you get an error that says that the textures "are not a power of two”, resize them to a power of two (Like 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024 etc.).

NOTE: The material folder must be made inside (and throw inside the tga’s) in a mod’s/game’s directory, or you’ll get an error about “Gameinfo.txt”.

For some reason, it only made the VMT’s for me, so I guess you’ll make the VTF’s by yourself.

end material conversion part

Now, you’ll also need “Hammer 3.5”, the steamless old version of Valve’s Mapping Tool. Like all the previous stuff I told you to download, you’ll find it in the end of this guide.

Use the link above this line to configure Hammer 3.5 with Half-Life, Counter-Strike or any other GoldSRC game you want, and add the wad’s of the map (the ones we extracted previously)

Now, go into Hammer 3.5 and open the map file. It may tell you some solids weren’t loaded, but it doesn’t really matter. It may ALSO tell you that there was a error loading the map file, click yes to see the report, which should be empty, and close the report. There’s your map, yay!

(note: If you don’t get how to load map files, click the drop down menu that says “RMF” and select map)

Now, go to the entity report (Map>Entity Report) and delete ALL entities. This will delete useless stuff (lights, NPC’s, guns etc.) that you can/will remake later on Hammer 4.1.

Go to File>Save As and save the file as a RMF file.

Close Hammer 3.5

Go to Steam, Tools, open the Source SDK, and from there double click Hammer to open it (this is Hammer 4.1).

Open the RMF file we saved on 3.5.

Now the map should open, if it doesn’t, either it’s the map’s fault, or you suck and didn’t follow the guide correctly.

Save it as a VMF and you’re ready to play with it. Hope my little guide helped! :slight_smile:

And remember, don’t release ports of custom maps without asking their creators first!

Download links (as said in the beginning of the guide):



Peppyfool’s MapFool:

Hammer 3.5:

Hammer 4.1
No download link. You need Steam and a legal copy of HL2, this will give you access to the Source SDK (found in the Tools menu in Steam). Open it, and there’s Hammer.
NOTICE: This guide was made before the Orange Box SDK, so I suggest you to switch the engine to HL2:Ep1 and whatever game you want from it, because I’m not sure if the Hammer of OBSDK opens “.map” files.



Bumped. Seems like no one gives attention to this, even though there are so many awesome maps out there for GoldSrc (1.6).

Bumped again. Seems like no one gives attention to this, even though there are so many awesome maps out there for HL or CS.

Yeah all awesome map’s for HL1 had grunt’s and other half life 1 enemie’s on them and you are telling us to delete them and remake them (!!!).

Replace them with combine or code your own, NPC’s are not part of awesome mapping skills.

Was helpful, thank you.

Yeah those CS map’s suck.Npc’s are not part of awesome skill’s but awesome map’s (Òn goldsrc).


I also ported killbox (from Jaykin’ Bacon) but I couldn’t be arsed to make the ladders and elevators or the katamari. Although I can make huge ass versions of the katamari roller…how it’s named

Lies. An NPC is merely an entity.

Awesome thanks!!!

It won’t let me install MapFool because I don’t “have” the right .NET Framework. I have 3.5, but it doesn’t detect it. Any solution around this?

When I try to run the .bat file, it just crashes.

There was a fuckup with the quotation marks.

"C:\BSPTwoMap\BSPTwoMap.exe" "C:\BSPTwoMap\mapname.bsp"

Try this.

Why do all the brushs get hallowed?

Wait, how did you even convert it? The links to both conversion tools are dead because this thread is a little less than a year old.

Just search in google, lucky for me I tried this before this thread was made so I have all the right tools

i am trying to have cs_ez.bsp ( a simple CS map) into CSS, i’ve followed every step literally.

when ever i load the .rmf or .map file on hummer editor 4.1 it crashes, don’t know the reason, i removed all entities from entity report.

am really confused about the number of source SDK available in the store, which one i really need to download ? just the plan “Source SDK” ? or is it someting else ?

i know this post belongs to 2010, but this maps brings happy memories to me

much appreciated any help !

When i trying to run the .bat the file crash.

interesting, have a bunch of old hldm maps I’ve been thinking of redoing in source2 (just for fun), have been thinking of just redoing them from scratch, but this might be easier!

thanks a bunch!