Converting Google Sketchup files to VMF

I am trying to make my first map, but it requires specific models that are easier to make/get in Google Sketchup, such as a soft serve ice cream machine and a Slurpee machine, etc. I have the VMF exporter plugin from Valve, however when I export the file and then try to load it in Hammer, it gives me errors and does not load correctly.

I then figured if I convert it to an .SMD then I can make it into a prop and then load it into Hammer that way, but I can’t find any tutorials to do that…

For those who say “Oh, Sketchup sucks, go use a real 3D program” are not helping. I do not want to spend weeks trying to learn a new program to make a simple map.

I think there is a thing inside of the l4d or alien swarm sdk for a sketchup thing, unless its the plugin you are talking about.

I can vouch with Firegod522, there was a tutorial awhile back for getting a building from Google SketchUp to Hammer/L4D. I don’t remember the exact website it was on but if you search for something along those lines in Google it’s sure to come up.

I already said I’ve used the exporter from Valve. It just doesn’t work properly.

Ah yeah that’s what I thought.

Did VALVe even use it? P

This should help.