Converting .mdl to .smd then .obj?

So I want to make an animation for my friends Machinima but I cant find any working SMD scripts or ones that tell me how to use them, so does any one have a smd code?

Why would you want to convert an smd into an obj? obj files don’t save the bones or the weighting that goes with them.
I suggest using something like MDLDecompiler or StudioCompiler to get your smd files.

I need to import them still

P.S I dont use 3DS I use a program called Hexagon

As far as I know there are none for Hexagon. If you really can’t get 3dsmax, you could try Blender.


I agree. Why can’t you get 3dsmax, just sign up as a student, or is it computer problems? OR you could try milkshape.

I could try that, I’m happy to use 3DS max