Converting Metroid Prime Hunters [DS] maps/models to Gmod

Ok…i like The game metroid prime hunters and i would like to see the maps/models ported to gmod…

[Website/gameplay Here]

however I have run into a snag…I need to figure out how to import these maps/models into 3dsmax, update them, and make them alot less grainy b4 they get exported as models

A friend of mine made this video on how to open the ds rom image using NDSTOOLS GUI
[also doubles as a model viewer??]

[go find your own rom]

It appears the models are .bin files…And I cant identify the map’s file ext’s.
And i think that the game engine is just a toned down version of the prime 1&2 games.

Does anyone know of a way/ or can help me get these files imported into 3dsmax so i can fix them and put them into gmod?

EDIT: uploaded one of the models
Sylux ship [top left model in pic]

I wish i could help, all I know is you might have to use source sdk model tool. Idk, maybe that’s just for viewing.

The Half-Life Model Viewer in the SDK is, in fact, for viewing only.

To answer the OP briefly, there’s a couple ways to go about it. First, there may be a direct exporter for that game to get it into an editor. Second, if these is a viewing program, you could rip from that using 3DRipperDX, then import it into the editor. Third, you could just run the game in an emulator and rip from there, import into the editor, and remove any excess geometry.

That will get you as far as a modeling program. From there, there are a variety of tutorials available to you.

none of the existing emulators can dump 3d models
And the only way to get a legit direct exporter would be from the DS’s SDK [which is closed to devs]

nds tools gui has a model viewer but doesn’t render maps and about 1/3 of the in-game models [eg. characters]

i might use the 3dripperdx method [might work for some of the models]
EDIT: doesn’t work, as the model viewer isnt a dx3d application

And I went through some of the decompiled rom and found alot of Maya references… so they might be able to be imported to Maya…But i don’t have Maya…or know what format the models were originally.

I put 2 of the models in a rar on original post 4 someone to toy around with

Hi assbox =D

Also I think localtoast tried doing some work with the models for Mph. I will have to ask him.

Hi, I’m a big fan of Metroid and MPH was one of my favorites I just want to let you know that you don’t have to do Sylux and Weavel because there are models for them already I’ll give you the links.


If it isn’t Direct3d, then it’s OpenGL. Try OGLE (OpenGL Extractor), which is identical in purpose, but for a different library.

Importing directly to Maya probably won’t work. It’s most likely in a custom format specific to that one game engine, with the importer/exporter only being available to the devs of the game.

ill try ogle, but but how do i set it up, i read the instructions, and installed gl interceptor… how do i get it to export?

neither seem to work, and i rather use the original content rather than heavily modified brawl trophies, and thats only 2 of the characters in the game.

hi ssbm, fancy seeing you here…

It was localtoast who gave me the idea to do this, and the program i linked in original post is from his jewtube channel and his old rom hack/modelswap tutorial on his site [which no longer exists]

it would help me alot if you could get in contact with him 4 me :slight_smile:

[quote=“LordVaati, post:8, topic:60627”]

neither seem to work, and i rather use the original content rather than heavily modified brawl trophies, and thats only 2 of the characters in the game.


You got to use browse to find them in your Garry’s Mod folder -_-’

I knew that, I meant for what im trying to do >_>

Geez, those models looks too low-poly to be suitable for Garry’s Mod!

There from a Nintendo ds…what do you expect?
Im gonna fix them up once there dumped. thats the easy part.

What I need help doing is dumping these to a workable format.

So any progress?

I got a read only model viewer for the models thats better than the one in original post…now im trying to figure out how to rip them

any help would be nice :slight_smile:

You need to find out if the viewer is using DirectX or OpenGL/OGRE (think thats right), and use the appropriate ripping tools ^^


How do you convert maps and models to hammer editor vmf files???

useless bump.

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this is all of my yes

thanks :'D

i know this isn’t requests, but is there any way you could help me figure out something related to DS models, i extracted models from Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow, and i got the main characters model, but he has no head, i assume because you can alter his appearance, but i would think it has to exist somewhere in the files, i checked all .nsbmd files i could find and none are it, i found some others in hair.tcbmd in the same folder with the character model, but i’m not familiar with how to extract/open that file type