Converting models (.pmd, .spa, .tga) to source

I’ve downloaded this model and in it’s folder there are .pmd, .spa, .tga and one .sph files… I’ve only figured out how to open the single files in Blender, but I don’t know how to convert them into the extensions I need so I can make the model fit in the source engine… any advice?

hope this helps

mmh, shouldn’t the outcome files be .dx90, .mdl, .vdd like some of the addons I downloaded?

thats the end result, but 1st you have to convert the files you have "pmd .spa .tga into .smd and the textures to .vtf/.vmt then make a .qc file to convert them into a .mdl and the other files .dx90,.dx80 ,etc using crowbar

looks like I can only convert files to .dmx and textures to .vtf, I don’t know how to create a .qc file (I see it’s a text files with the .qc extension, I don’t know what to write in it)… I’ve tried using the example on the valve page but it says there is too much material… and also I don’t really know what I am doing D:
could I post somewhere the download of the model and ask someone to port it?

you can post it here using dropbox or a free file share site

I’ve made a QC Generator tool a while ago.

The DL link is dead though, I will re-upload in the evening to a more permanent storage (Open to suggestions as to where)


thank you, for the other models I will try to convert them using the generator!

I forgot to mention the .bmp files in the previous posts, those are the files I’ve converted into .vtf… and the .pmd… I don’t understand if those .pmd already contain all the other files in it :cry:

I realized there are 9 version of the model in the file, the one I would like to convert is ‘Onizuka Eikichi_C.pmd’…