Converting OBJ files to MDL for GMOD

I recently downloaded some OBJ files off the web. I opened them up in blender and all was good, but I still haven’t converted them to MDL files so I could use them as SWEPs for Garry’s Mod. I have tried downloading software, looked at forums, even went and just tried to see what I could do with sourceSDK. Still I can not convert them. I even tried converting to different file types, but still to no success. Please can someone help me out here?

Extra info–
The models I downloaded were remodeled after Battlefield weapons, which means that they are high-quality / high-poly. (Not sure if this is true) I read somewhere that GMOD doesn’t do so good with high-poly textures.
The files I can export the OBJ files to via blender are: .dae / .ply / .stl / .3dx / .fbx / .x3d / and .obj
The files I can import into blender are: .dae / .bvh / .svg / .ply / .stl / .3ds / .fbx / .x3d and .wrl / and .obj

Also, I do not know which tag this post relates to most, so I put art. Please correct me if that is the wrong tag. Thanks :slight_smile:

You need the blender .smd exporter plugin.
Then, you’ll need MDLCompiler or a similar program to compile the models into .mdl format.

You’d be better off asking in the modelling section though:

THANK YOU! Your reply just answers my question perfectly. Thank you very much!