Converting PNG to VTF

So I’m going to use some of these silkicons:

As you can see, they’re made pixel by pixel and look very nice. Now, I have used Photoshop and VTFEdit both to convert some of them. Although it produces acceptable results, the VTFs still aren’t pixel perfect anymore. They also have a gray outline.

The silkicons that Garry included in GMod ( don’t seem to have this problem at all.

Anybody have any ideas?


Nevermind, someone was kind enough to find me all the VTFs already convereted

If you’re interested in doing your converting in the future, VTFEdit will help you. Simply open VTFEdit and click “Tools” -> “Convert Folder”. Select the input folder with all your PNGs and your output folder where you want all the VTFs to be made, then click the radio button labeled “To VTF” and type “*.png” in the text box next to it. Check “Recursive” if the input folder has subfolders you want to be converted, and check “Create VMT Files” to make generic VMTs that you can edit later. If you wanna change any of the VTF options, click “Options” at the bottom, otherwise hit “Convert” and you’re done!

Here’s a link to VTFEdit:

Thanks for this

or just click “file” -> “import”

-snip- i’m an idiot