Converting Source Demos?

Hi, I hope I’m not bothering anybody, but I was wondering if there was a way to convert source videos to an alternate format, such as AVI or something along those lines. I also apologize if this was the incorrect subforum to post this, I’m just curious as it would allow me an opportunity to showcase some things for the map I’m working as I add them. Thanks.

Virtual Dub :slight_smile:

use that and click “Open Video File” and go to your garrysmod [or whatever, cs:s/etc] folder and open the first one I.E: “game 0000”
and it’ll put all the frames together with that same name in numerical order :slight_smile:

then click “save to AVI” OH and you have to click “Audio>Browse for Audio…” and in that same folder should be a .WAV file with the same name ie: “game” add that. and THEN you have it.

Compress Audio to MPEG Layer 3 and Video I HIGHLY recommend usuing “Xvid” you’ll have to download it. but it’s worth it :slight_smile: I tried everything before I tried XVid. It’ll save you time and ttrouble haha.

Hope I understood the question… if not, I’m sorry o.O haha

He is trying to convert a demo to an avi.

To the OP:
Just go in your console and type this (AFTER YOU ARE DONE RECORDING DEMO):
host_framerate 30
startmovie test avi
select full frames
then type playdemo [demo name]
when you want the movie to be over type “endmovie” in your console

So wait… I thought using Source Record you couldn’t save it as an AVI… just as a bunch of .tga files which you would dump into Virtual Dub to then save those frames and sound put together as an AVI file…

that’s how I understood it… haha but okay =) thanks for clearing it upp

EDIT: Don’t forget ‘sv_cheats 1’ before the ‘host framerate 30’ :]