Converting STALKER/FO3 models and compiling them in bulk?

I want to convert lots and lots of models from both FO3 and STALKER SoC in bulk, but I’m not really sure where to start.

I know it’s possible manually, so I was considering a file of some sort, that runs a program to convert them, then another to compile them.

Any help is much appreciated.



Forgive my retardedness, and correct me if I’m wrong (which I probably am), but don’t you compile models by dropping them onto an .exe?

If so, couldn’t I just convert all the models to .smd files and drop them onto the .exe?

To compile, you need at the very least a reference .smd, an sequence .smd and a .qc.

Models with physmodels need a collision .smd.

Ragdolls, animated props and static props need 3 different types of sequence .smd, and they all need different .qcs.

A ragdoll sequence .smd contains the ragdoll’s skeleton, a animated prop requires quite a few sequence .smd (the idle position and the animations), and a static prop requires a sequence .smd that contains the bone(s) that it is rigged to.

Fuck. I’m guessing that means it would be rather difficult.

Still, it would be possible, right?