Converting SWEPS - Scope Issues

Hello. I’m fairly new to editing weapons beyond the SWEP. config part. The issue I’m having is when converting particular SWEPS (m9k specifically). The weapon has a scope/special sight (red dot, eotech, etc.) in sandbox, but when I convert the weapon to weapon_tttbase, the scope does not show up. Is there any way to fix this? I would assume editing the weapon.mdl file, but I’m not too sure.

I searched around for topics like this involving scopes but I honestly could not find anything. All help is really appreciated.

The only way to fix that is to code the scope. You can try looking how the TTT sniper rifle did it if you want a sniper scope, you want CS AUG scope, you will have to code it yourself.

I know how to get a scope by like aiming. But some weapons have a scope on them in sandbox. But if you convert them to ttt the actual visual scope attachment (in this particular case an eotech sight) is gone in the world model and view model.

In sandbox:


It’s either a bodygroup or an attached model, which you gotta code too.

SWEP.VElements and SWEP.WElements

Copy those.

You will need to grab the swep construction kit code and paste it in the SWEPS. Alternatively you can steal it from the m9k base.