Converting to Vanilla next wipe.

Want to go Vanilla for community server. Is Rust:IO simply for the maps ok to use and still claim vanilla?

All vanilla servers show on rustio. You cannot install any plugins in your vanilla server so you wont have the realtime location thing works (I assume), by spinning up a dedicated server using the same seed as the target server with the plugin, then taking the generated map out, which is probably why it takes a little bit of time for all the server maps to update when the game updates.

If what you mean by ‘still claim vanilla’ is what I think you mean, then yeah, most people on vanilla servers use the maps and its not considering ‘cheating’.

You won’t be able to have the live tracking as for that to work you need oxide installed which will make it come under the modded section still. You should still be able to use the map on it, but without the live tracking. Not 100% sure on this though.

Yeah RustIO just pulls the seed from the server, and generates the map from that. No extra code needs to run on the server for this to happen, as opposed to the real time tracking feature which requires server side DLLs that would put your server on the modded list.