Converting vmf to an older version?

I’ve built a map almost entirely out of base source entities for the Portal 2 authoring tools, and I want to compile the map in gmod now so that I can share it for both games. However, gmods Hammer doesn’t support the new vmf file, and thus crashes when it tries to open it. Is there an easy way to make a vmf file backwards compatible? The only method I can think of is compiling the map, then decompiling it with BSPSource. Obviously, this is probably the most atrocious method possible. Does anyone have any better ideas?

I can’t give a definite answer, but you could try opening the VMF in a text editor and change the “editorbuild”, editorversion", and “Formatversion” versions to these(only if you’re using hl2:ep2 hammer!!!):

	"editorversion" "400"
	"editorbuild" "6412"
	"mapversion" "(keep same)"
	"formatversion" "100"
	"prefab" "(keep same)"

It goes without saying, back that VMF up.

Use VTF version Changer :slight_smile:

VMF not VTF :smile:

That didn’t seem to fix it. Seems the issue is more about the actual vmf contents, and not just the header…

I should just stop replying in the middle of the night … :T

i think you need to remove portal 2 specific entities then it should open

Open with notepad++

Find an output, copy the special character between words, do Ctrl H

In the first field put that character
In the second field put a comma (,)

Click Replace all
Save and you are done

I don’t think that’s how that works; I’ve put maps from games like HL2 and TF2 into Portal 2, (even Portal 2 maps + entities in gmod and Portal 1) and they loaded just fine, even with the unsupported entities. Obviously, those entities didn’t work in engine for the most part, but Hammer didn’t seem to care all that much.

That seems to have done it! Thanks for the help!

Usually you can load old vmf (hl2,css,gmod,tf2) just fine in new hammer (Portal2,csgo,l4d2?)

but the contrary doesnt work. you have to change the outputs format with Notepad++