Converting world bone position to local bone positions for use with ManipulateBoneEtc

Hi guys,

So I’ve been having numerous problems with BuildBonePositions, not least because some bones don’t exist at different LODs so it spams the console with “Bone unwritable” rubbish and some bones spaz out. The only solution I see is to use ManipulateBonePosition/Angle, but unfortunately they use only local angles. Is there a way to convert a bone’s world position to the local position for use with this function? There was a thread on this before but the creator was kind of a dbag and got it locked in 3 posts without an answer.
This is for the client only so approaches utilising physics objects will not work.

ManipulateBone* doesn’t use “local angles/position”, they use local DELTA angle position, that means Angle(0, 0, 0) is no change, Angle(90, 0, 0) is rotate the bone in whatever position it is by 90 degrees in pitch. The bone manipulations do not stack, latest called function overrides value of previous calls, if any.

oh dang- so I guess there really is no solution, unless there’s some other method?
My main problem at the moment is fingers don’t seem to follow SetBonePosition like they should and mess up and until we set SetLOD there is no workaround for this