Converting .X to .3ds

I have been looking around the internet for a while now, and I can only find ways to convert .3ds to .x and not vice versa. So I was wondering If there was a way to convert a .X file to .3ds or .obj or something generally recognisable by 3ds Max 2010.

lk shape 3d can import x files… same goes for deep exploration. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do I import them in Milkshape? I tried it before and I could’t find the option to import .x files.

Tools>DirectX Mesh Tools, and there’s a description :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a terrible importer though.

X was open source back then, and it was quite common that game companies would modify the format to suit their needs.

back then it was primarily japanese developers around the 1996-2002 time period…

anyway X isnt open source anymore, so any plugins were taken offline. theres a few plugins floating around but there crap at parsing the X files.

I was tempted to write my own X importer… but as I said the time period that X was used was decades ago… no model from that time is worth the effort

Well I haven’t said that the MS3D plugin was good… maybe you can try deep exploration… (I had few x fileswhit skeletons opened there) (Right Hemishpere 3Deep Exporation)

I know blender can export .x files, but i can’t import them, not sure why

you can also try 3d canvas from but you need to buy it to be able to convert and sometimes is buggy 2

Normally I don’t post here but finale00 wrote a directx plugin for noesis. I don’t know how handy it is but It can be of some help: