conveyor belts and all the good rot!

so i’m making a map, and in one of my building i have a conveyor belt. the problem is i want to spawn simple small props on it that moves along into a big fire and then dissipates.

kinda think of a coal power plant. the coal moves in burns and creates steam.

any ideas of how i can get that to work?

You could use trigger_push to move things along.

Then a trigger hurt to destroy shit in the fire.

Trgger_hurt would only work to an extent. A better way would be a env_fire (which would destroy breakable props, i.e. boxes) and a periodically activated trigger_remove (make sure it is placed right otherwise it’ll remove your fire too.)

For the conveyor a trigger_push could work, or a func_conveyor(sp?).

I meant a trigger remove. My bad.

Thanks Hatred.

alright this is what i did, i set up a func_conveyor which works.

then i took a sphere and made it Func_breakable.

then took an ev_entitiy_maker, so when it the sphere breaks in the fire it re-spawns on the conveyor

Question about trigger_push.

I put it on top of a surface and when I jump into it, it moves me along, but when I put a physics prop into it, it just stays put even though I enabled all the flags necessary.

I think you need a trigger box over it or something.

Push is a trigger :\

No, it’s pushing me so I know it’s on, but it doesn’t push props.

func_conveyor will not push props, only players. Use a trigger_push instead.

Ah yes, I forgot it was broken in all source games apart from obsidian conflict.


yea i noticed. it pushed players but not objects.

ill try the other.