Conveyor that spawns props.

Anyone heard of Crummycradle? There’s a conveyor here. If you put a ragdoll in it, conveyor door closes, then some time passes, the second door opens, bread comes out and soon both doors close.

So, my question is, how to make the same one?
First, I made trigger_remove with this OutPut: OnStartTouch Target prop_ragdoll Kill Delay 0 Only Once: No.
Then, I added another output to that trigger: OnEndTouch Target point_template ( as far as I understood. ) Enable Delay 5 Only Once:No.
But I don’t know how to use either point_template or env_entity_maker, and wiki didn’t help me. Any ideas?

You need to fire the Spawn output from the pont_template.

Like this:

(trigger) OnStartTouch | target prop_ragdoll | kill | delay 0.00
(trigger) OnStartTouch | 1st door | Close | delay 0.00
(trigger) OnStartTouch | 2nd door| Close | delay 0.00
(trigger) OnStartTouch | 2nd door| Open | delay 4.50
(trigger) OnStartTouch | target point_template name | Spawn | delay 5.00
(trigger) OnStartTouch | 2nd door| Close | delay 7
(trigger) OnStartTouch | 1nd door| Open | delay 7

Hope it helps