Convoy getting ambushed

I’m a beginner at posing so yeah might look kinda weird but please leave comments on how to improve and etc.

to avoid confusion the guy in front of the Humvee in the back has a grenade in his hand.

They are all lazily posed and the effects are over done a bit. Not to bad of an idea, could of been done better.

The posing was alright except for the soldier standing with his butt out near the left.
And you could use post-processing.

I like the guy standing in the open

let me dig a little SOMETHING SOMETHING up…
ah here it is

Floating weapons rule. And standing out in the open is the most effective way to kill.

no wtf noob u dont no wat yore talkin about thats not ho real solders do it, mw2 is rit it shos how ragners operet in irak and afganestan

Fuck I can’t type like that ever again

nice! thanks leon! really helpful!

Stop acting like a dumbass on these newbie pose threads. Seriously.

I double that.

he’s hawt