CookieMonsterPK Server

Hi fellow Viewers!

Yes we have a server for you! Interested in playing with the new Dev Build Rust then you are at the right place!

What we have enabled in the server:
-Instant Crafting
-30 min Airdrops

Play fair
English only
No Duping
No Grieving

Server has been wiped clean to prepare for the latest update coming ( Steam ) so the newest people have a fair play too. ( server wipe 10-12-2012 )

How to get on our server?

Simply click on this URL: steam://connect/


Press F1 ingame and type or copy/paste it in the console —>> net.connect

Or Find us in the Modded Section named [DEV] CookieMonsterPK

See you there !

Also like to play and chat with us visit my stream and lets have some fun

I am coming soon…

Very niiice :d
Server wipe will be coming once the game is released on steam so everyone can have a equal start and to
eliminate any duped items that werent found.

We have decided with the viewers from my stream that will wipe the servers once more and this is then a 100% fair play for the new comers too =D see you there <3

Thanks cookie.
I am really enjoying your streams

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Maybe i’ll build my house in your vicinity

Thanks C0rvin!

And the server has been fully wiped for the steam release, so i will see you guys there and lets have some Fun !

And i will update once more if there is an update out.

And Keep it up to date!

Cheers !

I’ll be there in 4 hours probably. I have to wait till the shop is updated

Rust is on STEAM lets do this people !

it was a blast and still more people coming :smiley: 60+ people thanks guys!

Server has been updated

You server was pretty fun untill you decided to be a unfair idiot,and start with lies.

I raided you and you rage over it calling me a cunt over and over again,and it’s just a game ain’t it ?

Well let’s see how this owner reacts to players raiding them :

Let’s say,don’t play on this server unless you wanna be treated unfairly.

They are abusive as shit and can’t handle two raids.

If you are reading this Cookie,please stop giving shit to your friends and shut down the server.

am sorry but this is a place where you can post your server info and updates, and not your crying moments. i have warned you many times about othter things. you will not be unbanned.

Warned me about what? The only time you warned me was a hour ago when i raided you because you can’t handle shit.

Your the reason Rust private servers sucks.

Yeah I would not play on Cookiemonsters server. He was a whiny player in APB, sore loser - cant imagine him as an admin, probably spawning items for himself so he doesn’t have to work for it / is the best. I expect this server to be terribly managed. (Knowing cookiemonsters attitude / playing style)

since when is this a complain post ?

anyways have fun destroying a good forum thread.