Cool DarkRP Server

Hey!..well there’s no hook…but!

I got a sick-ass DarkRP server going, that alternates from RP_Downtown_v2, to EvoCityV2d,(and soon to be cscdesert, and downtown v3)

We have PHX, Wire, PCmod2, RealCS4, helicopter, youtube player, extra jobs, skin switcher, and more!

Join us!

{AuTOpSy} DarkRP…

^that pretty much covers it.

Were minges at server owning, so if we ask you questions dont be -___-, its a sick server though! and we ARE recruiting, and will stay up to date with all cool, new addons.


-Abacabb, Xombie

How about you try giving out an non-local IP first :v:

After that, stop using DarkRP.

(User was banned for this post ("If you don't like DarkRP, keep it to yourself" - Benji))

After that, I’m sorry… :[

what r u on bout? DarkRP is awesome?!

Stopped being KeWl and s I C k at that point.

im sorry hexpunK, i just have it there, in case people get bored. :], and want to get even more bored >:D. jk…whatever


By the way. Since I’m an idiot and don’t know the correct IP address to give you guys. Just pm me on fpunch if you are interested. I’ll add you on steam, and we should get it from there. Or…perhaps soon i will find that tasty IP address to give you guys.

Thats at the start of the OP.
@OP, tried oldschool maps like hometown or omgcity?

yeah i’m not too big of a fan of em tho :confused:

You might want to use an IP that will work with people that are not on your local network. Try going to, and use that IP instead of 192.168.x.x. (Of course adding :27015).

Nice server, it offers the latter to what most people on FP seem to like, Casual roleplaying. I prefer a more casual form of roleplay myself :v:, although as of now, I don’t have Garry’s Mod installed. (And have an IP I can use to join).

Anyways, good luck with your server.

THERE YOU GO PEOPLE! :D, by the way deadeye, thanks man, you actually helped haha :]

Join!!! :smiley: