Cool e2's **NEW**

link to the video:


A few cool little E2’s I’ve made over a week or so. Filmed and created on Banned User’s server. These E2’s can be very good for minging, or anti-minging.


Put the E2’s in [username]\garrysmod\garrysmod\data\Expression2

Put the Advanced Dupe (Minge Trapper) in [user name]\garrysmod\garrysmod\data\adv_duplicator

I’ve uploaded them to a site where I get cash for when you download =)



Minge trapper:


Body Mod:

Body Mod Commands:
!unrave (makes you normal)

You have a link to a youtube which said someone else made 'em. You didn’t think this all the way through, did you.

what? no, that’s my profile, “tectonarivv”

i made those.


OHHHHHHH ya, here’s the deal, “drazuam” on youtube is my personal account and i was commenting the video to make more people view it, tectonarivv is me and my brothers shared account, you can look at our videos if you want to see…

The car was ok, but otherwise, none of these are cool, or funny. I don’t see the point, really.

Sure, they may be funny for YOU, but nobody else wants to be blinded, etc.

Oh, fair enough.

these all seem relatively simple. the only thing i could think of is improving the penis for everyone e2 to make it more anatomically friendly. also, the blinder e2: you don’t need 3 holos for one person. a stretched icosphere serves the purpose just as good.

You can see better examples of “cool e2s” if you post in the contraptions section~

4/5 of those I’d ban for, no offense. Body mod looks kind of cool, I guess, but blinding and dicking? Not so much.

The best way to blind a player is to create a holo with a negative scale around their bounding box.

holoCreate(I, Target:pos(), -Target:boxSize(), Target:angles(), vec(0,0,0))

That code will enclose a player (Target) in a pitch black box that surrounds them on all sides. The best part is you can still see their player model inside without them seeing you on the outside.

Suggestion: why not use hideChat(1) for your chat commands?

Perhaps you’d enjoy a few hundred from 2008-2009 which I made. My entire progress of E2 in that folder (except for my best, made this year).

Can you upload them to or somewhere where I can download these right away without doing a stupid survey?

Why even post? You say these can be for anti-minging, yet they are just going to be used for mingery too. We don’t want minges thrashing and trashing our server, and you are an aid to them.

I’ve had alot of problems with downloading from sharecash, can you please re-upload them to a normal site?

Don’t forget to parent the holo to your target, to keep it precisely on them:


Couldnt agree more

I’m not going to do a survey so you can make money from an addon that isn’t even that good.

Use Gmod