Cool easy and fun update for animals

So lets say you wear a wolfs head right? And wolfs around you would not attack you unless you take off the wolfmask

Same for bears and such great way for noobs to have a bear kill somebody following them

Yeah, and for example if bear wear a human head you’ll not see him too. It makes sense.

Unless you also coat yourself in their respective urine, they would smell you. It may just be a game and all, but still…

How about seasons? summer? winter? spring??

The seasons idea is cool but there will be complaining about stability. Rust is poorly optimised right now and it doesn’t look like this problem is going to be changed so considering huge fps drops caused by chopper, airdrops and weather effects (rain for example) you have to ask yourself the question: whether the addition of seasons and optimizing them for another year makes sense?

I have a pretty good video card and my fps never drop only if im online for over 4 hours straight then i have to relog again to refresh everything i run on max settings too

remember that not everyone has a good video card.

Get a job aquire money save it buy better video card? But since you guys are from eurpoor i cant expect you to have any high end equitments

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Novangel))

It is illegal for some people to have a job (under 16 if your in Murica).

“But since you guys are from eurpoor i cant expect you to have any high end equitments”. What the hell is equitments, I have seen my share of trailer parks in America.

The only way to be a true dickhead is to dis other peoples “equitments”.

This game is 18+ you should be quiet before you get banned

:surrender: oh noes, they found me, I gotsa get out of heres