Cool Effects for a Screenshot?

Hia, I’m trying to get into Screenshot editing so I could make epic-looking pics in Gmod. Anybody know how to make cool effects and/or know of a website with some transparent-background pics of misc. special effects (explosions, laser beams, those little rays of light that come in through windows and trees, etc.)?


You’re just supposed to google things and edit them if you need to. Most effects like smoke, muzzle flashes, explosion etc are on a black background and you can just set its blending options to screen. Really it wouldn’t have been hard to find this out. P.S. I get mine from action essentials 2 and adobe after effects and just screenshot it but that’s a whole other story that you shouldn’t get in to yet.

Until you know the basics of lighting, posing, and composition, don’t even bother to learn editing.
There is nothing worse than a picture with terrible lighting, posing, and composition that has good editing.

Er, what exactly do you mean by composition?

How you place the stuff in your picture. Can’t be arsed to go into detail so:

That helps a lot.

Oh, okay. I get it. I learned all about it, just forgot the word. Thanks.

and google. :v: