cool game mode idea


I think that a gladiator game mode would be a great addon to Gmod
It would include:

1.Two play options

2.Battle area with doors that open at specific times or situations, behind which Gladiators will spawn

3.Viewing area where spectators spawn

4.option to select weapons
(two per player: one distance, and one CQC)

5.Option to kill or spare defeated opponent

6.thumbs up or down option for spectators

7.Traps/obstacles that change each round

Additional things could be added like:

1.time released NPCs to keep the matches short (think tigers from old gladiator battles)

2.winning allows better weapons

3.ability to challenge other players to different competitions

  1. team death-match/capture the flag option for gladiators

  2. area for spectators to bet or sponsor gladiators

6.admin ability to decide who battles who or other match details

Nice idea, it would be kinda fun to play it.

The question is if someone is willing to take the time and make it

I doubt that anyone will make it, but it would be quite badass if someone does.

I think NoxiousNet made a server with something similar. You choose a class, then fight other players in an arena. As you win battles, you get to buy more skills.

Do you know if its still up?

I think they should make an American Gladiators gamemode.

GameDev,that show blows.

What about all the damn minges who would come on and stall matches, always thumb down, etc.

And would an admin have to be on all the time?

It has less minging possibilities than any normal sandbox game, plus always thumbing down would pretty much be realistic, since almost every gladiator got the thumbs down when they asked for mercy.

The thumbs up or down would be only a recomendation by the crowd, the real decision would be left to the victorous gladiator, also an admin would not have to be on all the time but maybe certain dates or times would be set for tournaments, and an admin could have ultamate contol during these matches

when there are no admins matches could be random or all gladiators could be thrown in at the start of each match

This sounds fun, I hope someone will make it.

This could even be done by a map itself. One door for spectators, and one for fighters. The fighters’ door would only open when there’s fewer than two alive in the fighting area. “thumbs up or down” would be buttons in the stands, the traps and obstacles would shift up/down to change. The only thing that couldn’t be done easily is the “option to kill or spare defeated opponent”. The options for NPCs and such could all be set in the admin booth.

Other stuff:

The door for gladiators to enter would teleport them to behind the gates.

The other door takes them to an isolated area outside the battle, where they can watch, but not interact with the fighters.

Crowbar and Pistol?

Hatches open when the winner is the only one left, giving him access to a better gun and medkits.

Doable through chat.

That would be difficult without a gamemode.

There could be a money system built into the map, where you get money after winning a fight or bet, which can be used to buy mostly harmless (like Gravity Gun with no props around, and armor batteries) items from a vending machine in a side room.

Room only accessible via noclip.

that might work, but it would need to be worked so gladiators can not kill each other before entering the arena, and it would need a door that allows npcs to enter (maybe a door on a timer with a NPC spawn point behind it?)

Well, there would be weapon strippers at the spawn point so that no one can kill each other before entering the arena, where they would be given the crowbar and pistol.

Sounds great, but are you willing or do you know anyone willing make it

I don’t think making this a gamemode would be that hard either. It’d be a great learning experience for someone new to LUA.

Idea 1: buttons to spawn two weapons only, but you get to choose. One button for each weapon, which spawns one ammo (one of each if it has two ammo types, like ar2 and smg). But, should there be batteries (to substitute for armor?) Also, are we talking about just HL2 weapons, or whatever can be done, like CSS weapons?

Idea 2: multiple melee weapons?

Idea 3: NPC spawns on side of arena. Admin room has buttons to spawn the following (spawns 2 at a time only?):
-zombies (only normal and fast)
-headcrabs (all types)
-antlions (regular only)

I might try something like it.

I think that rather than have batteries, scatter one or two health kits in the arena (I want the matches to be fast)

For melee im thinking start with a crowbar, knife, or stun stick.
For gun im thinking start with pistol and other weapons have to be purchased

I think that a person should be able to carry all the weapons they can afford with their winnings, they would buy weapons and ammo and if they lose they restart with no money and starting weapons.

And I think the weapons should not be limited to the Hl2 items, most users have CSS so using its weapons should not be a problem

As for NPCs we could also include manhacks and Hunters in battles

As for CSS weapons, I don’t think we should allow machine guns, that’d just kinda encourage 5-second matches.

We should have more melee weapons that have varying speeds/damage, like the icepick that was going to be HL2 originally, or like the shovel from SMOD

NPCs, I actually forgot about manhacks and that would be good. But I think Hunters might be too difficult to kill with nothing the players can really use in the environment to keep from getting hit. Hunters will just pretty much kill everyone unless they have decent guns.

It think that gun type could be determined at the start of the match so gameplay could be differnt during differnt matches so all the weapons from HL2 and CSS could be used

*in other words- some matches only cqc and others heavy weaponry, sniper, etc.

As for hunters maybe they can only enter after ten minutes, to stop gladiators from just teaming up and not fighting each other

Also we might be able to have challenges where a gladiator enters the ring alone and has to compleate a task, such as survive without taking damage for a specific amount of time or waves of npcs


let me know if you do it I would love to try it out