Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions... (Pose!)

Did you use like a really BIG explosion and resize it? We can tell.

I think you used a bad explosion reference, looks grainy and low-quality, and it doesn’t blend in very well, the posing is nice though…

it looks like one of those movies from the 70’s-80’s. Same quality. Artistic for you.

:smiley: ty.

Badass. Though, looks like they might be a little too close. :wink:

they would be dead

I thought that was the creation of the universe behind him.

Of course, you have to hold the shotgun like that. :slight_smile:

Whats wrong with the shotgun? I know its not the best, but WHAT?

Yea the explosion looks really fuckin weird.

As ben said, it looks like some interstellar planet explosion or something.

Besides, that’s completely not the kind of explosion cool guys wouldn’t be looking at, you need explosions more like this:

Something fiery.

I used this, since it was mostly building and sand being blow to dicks.

^ I dont think thats a good reference for explosions

Yeah, as said, explosion looks wierd. The guys would be running away.

I dunno why, but I’m thinkin’ Farcry 2.

Cool guys don’t look at horribly pixelated explosions.

Hes holding a shotgun like. If you were to hold a police baton by the little thingy on the side, sideways.

The shotgun is like 90 degrees off where it should be. But cool pic none the less!