cool idea possibly

A cool idea that i thought of was that when they do get rid of zombies and add a new npc they should also add squads of military personnel
these guys move around in squads of 3-5 and will try to eliminate you and will carry ammo,armor and sometimes they have a demolitions expert with them and he carries c4

What do you guys think

I like the idea of these guys, but as long as they dont walk up to my door and blow it up i’m fine.

One or two of them in all the bigger Rad-Cities would maybe be cool… but i dont know this would need ALOT of work…

Man it is not about a lot of work or not it is more about the fact that this game is not meant to be played against Npcs but against real players (with human way of thinking).
The “power” of this game lies within the PVp.