Cool looking effects that anyone can do [BLOCK 2]

This is another compilation of cool looking effects (that anyone can do), and I figured [BLOCK 2] would be an interesting sounding name for a sequel. My ultimate goal is for these effects to appear in comics and screenshots (maybe even videos). Anyways,


The first one, I call “The infosphere”, named after an answering machine I saw a while back:

This one pretty much consists of a large panel suspended from the ceiling on an axis constraint. Suspended from that are about a dozen rods with lights on them, each one having a trail. Nearly all of this is invisible. When it spins, the lights leave a series of circular trails. Something, or someone, can be put in the middle for dramatic effect. It can be rather finnicky to set up, though, but it gives an interesting cyberspace-ish look.

This next one I call “The Particle Accelerator”, because that’s what someone called it the first time I tried it on a server.

When you’re done (if you’re doing this in singleplayer), you can open one end, put dynamite at the other end, and blast everything out shotgun-style:

Anyways, setup is pretty basic:

  1. create a closed, partially transparent container
  2. spawn a small object, such as these tiles
  3. make them weightless
  4. duplicate these inside the container
  5. make them move by shooting them, putting dynamite inside, or pretty much anything
    The effect is interesting, to say the least.

This next effect I call “Fireworks”, because that’s what they pretty much are. It’s one of the very first things I did in gmod 10, and I did it again for this:

The firework:

Setup is rather simple but it takes a while

  1. spawn an explosive barrel
  2. spawn several soda cans, and give each one a different colored trail
  3. duplicate them and weld them to the barrel (DO NOT SMART WELD)
  4. give the barrel a thruster and dynamite mounted close to the center
  5. duplicate this construction several times
  6. launch them into the air and detonate when they are at the right altitude
    Again, rather interesting.

This last effect I call “The Evolution of Patterns”, because that was the name of the video I saw it in:

Anyways, I can’t really show this effect that well with pictures, so here’s the video I saw it in. This video will also show how to make this effect (I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO):

Here’s another video by the same guy:

I hope you have enjoyed this. If you know of any interesting special effects, feel free to post them here. Like I said earlier, my ultimate goal is for other people to use this in their work. Thanks for reading.

Damn that shit looks rave-ish.

And awesome. ish.

those are awesome

Rings and colors and lights and… and… These are beautiful.

You didn’t tell us how to create the last effect. :frown:

The Evolution of Patterns and The infosphere are awesome!
I need to try those.

The first video I posted (the evolution of patterns 2) describes how that guy made that effect, how I did, and how you can as well. Watch it and he’ll describe how.

Like I said earlier, my ultimate goal is to have this show up in other people’s work, so feel free to use any of these if you want to.

I think this belongs in the contraptions section.

But damn thats funky tho

The first video’s first contraption does not work for me. I’ve done everything he says, but they just follow each other in a straight line.

laggy :expressionless: