Cool looking effects that anyone can do

I wan’t entirely sure where to post this, so I put it here. It’s not quite a contraption, a comic, or a video. If a moderator knows a better place for this, please move it.

Anyways, these are effects that just about anyone can do with a basic copy of gmod and some time. I would not recommend doing these on a server with a lot of people, however.

The first effect I call “Fireflies” because, well, that’s what they look like:

It’s easy to set up, all you need to do is:

  1. take a pop can and attach a thruster with a low power to the rear
  2. weld a light to the front (don’t just attach it)
  3. give the light a trail
  4. change the assembly’s physical properties to super ice (so it has no gravity) and make everything except the bulb invisible.
  5. duplicate this a lot and unleash these in a large dark room
  6. Fireflies music video anyone?

For this next one, I could only think of the name “Formation flying”, and It’s an interesting variation on Fireflies

This one is a little bit more difficult to set up, but here’s what you do:

  1. spawn a medium/long length prop, like an I-beam or a signpost (not too long). I used a rod from PHX3, but just about any medium/long length prop will do
  2. attach between 3 and 6 lights to this prop. I used 5. Make sure to weld them to the prop.
  3. give each light a trail, preferably the color of the light itself.
  4. put a thruster on each of the long props. For better results, place each thruster in a different location
  5. make all the components weightless using super ice as physical properties
  6. make everything except the lights invisible
  7. duplicate this assembly several times over and release these in a large dark room
  8. This gives a good cyberspace-ish effect.

This last one I saw in a video called “Balls to the Walls”, so that’s what I’ll call it

My current desktop

In terms of setup, it’s not much easier than this:

  1. spawn a bouncy ball SENT and give it a trail
  2. make it invisible and duplicate it
  3. make others with different trails
  4. release them in a dark room with dynamite to keep the balls moving
  5. the effect is chaotic but it looks cool

So, what does everyone think of these three special effects? Post your questions or comments on them, and if anyone has their own interesting effects, please feel free to post them here.

Whoa, that’s pretty fucking sweet dude…

is this trail tool?

Thanks, it’s kind of awesome to get a compliment from one of the more well-known comic makers on Facepunch, especially considering I haven’t played this in a while. Do you think you might use this in one of your comics?

Im tripping out right now just by looking at the pictures, Ill make you a comic :smiley:



I like it. I think these could lead to some interesting comics.

Nice effects. I gotta try this out later.

I hate to use lolcats, but…

Brings back fond memories of fireworks on the beach. I’m so trying this.

Sweet! Although, when did Firefly’s have trails?

They don’t, but one would assume should someone set off a bunch of fireflies in a dark room in reality and take a long exposure picture of it with a camera, the result would look similar.

Reminds me af EP2 vortigaunt trails

The first few reminded me of MW2, with the little green lines for the “infinity ward” logo.