Cool posed npc war pictures! {contest}

Hey I was wondering what people could come up with so I decided to make a contest to see who could make the best npc wars picture. Rate other peoples pictures and post your own!

(if this is not a link then copy and paste this in the adress bar)


oh nvm


the nvm is to the link comment of mine

lol, nice can it be npc vrs player as long as I use the camera tool?

sure lol I was waiting for a reason to post this screen shot somwhere XD

father gregori gone mad

type this



lol i gave a 10 to your teletuby war!


plox it says your adress that you gave me is invalid


oh nvm but thats my pic

lol, ty you have no idea how long I have been waiting for a chance to post that XD

ya me too i made a couple of ragdoll poses but never knew where to put them

New upload :smiley: its not as good as my last one :frowning:

Yeah inspitation hit when i got this pack with a bunch of skate items :slight_smile:



nice one carlos and mr clean


and dont forget to rate other peoples