Cool Rust Map Marker

Hey Guys,

I found a site with an interactive map for rust that you can mark your homes and and stashes on and so on its pretty cool.

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Here is an example before you make your own.

Apparently the creator of this awesome application is on face punch and has already posted this. Here is his link

looks* “legit”…*

Actually it is legit, but it isn’t his work, he’s just bumming the site from the guy who created it, dude who programmed it deserves a medal.

You don’t install anything just click a map. Looks pretty cool. Now I just need to figure out how to tell where I am on the map…

Nice! thanks!!!

I never said it was mine. I said “I FOUND”. Maybe you should read what I wrote a little more thoroughly.

It is on the second page, with 45 “winner” votes, you didn’t find it, it’s easy access.

If nobody showed it to him then he did find it, just as others have even if he wasn’t the first :wink:

I can see that your bored and you want to continue to be bothersome. I did “find” it through

There’s already a thread. From the original creator too.

Oh nice didn’t see this when I searched. Sorry about the double post.