Cool terms and conditions, Garry

> When you buy Garry’s Mod you get the personal right to play and modify it…
> Please don’t do any of these things (unless we’ve told you that you can, in writing): Distribute, hack of modify Garry’s Mod…
Facepunch Studios LTD, can I modify Garry’s Mod?

This brings up another question:

Uhh, what?

> do anything else we deem necessary
Including execution?

Am I the only one who sees this part?

Proofreading saves lives.

This reminds me of a company that made a product and had a sentence in the midst of their terms and conditions, you know, exactly what nobody reads. It said: “If any of you actually read this, send an email to <emailhere>” Only about 30 out of 20,000 people did it and the company sent them a small bit of cash for actually reading the terms and agreements.