Coolest Car Contest Entry Thread

** Post your entries in this thread only**.

Contest entries must be posted by Sunday, July 18th, 12am central time.

Be sure to post your videos and information pertaining to your entry.

Entries will be judged soon after.

Penis Colada

:siren: The results: :siren:

First place: Colonel Jesh with 121 pts
Second place: Pringles with 117 pts
Third place: Hunta with 116 pts
4th: Truckerdude with 112 pts
5th: Gibbo & Vodkah with 106 pts
6th: Donut King with 103 pts
7th: Whitesinner with 100 pts
8th: Bobby with 90 pts
9th: Trekkie with 88 pts
10th: Kenji with 77 pts
11th: G-Foxx with 14 pts

Great work guys, I’m glad this went really well! I was surprised with how many entered. I will release my 3 wheeler for everyone.

Here we go, I present Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

sorry if I’m a bit early

I’d post but I am asleep as of now
Also I’M BACK AHAHAHAA and I brought a big dick but no video because of my piece of gayness computer.
I post dup and pretty pictures yah? Shame I won’t win anyway. I was at a beach house and ablahblahblah
see you in um goodnight

sent from fagpod ololo

Post Apocalyptic car.

Has steering and suspension. Top speed of about 40 mph, agile at low speeds. The guns on it are aimed at the driver’s aimpoos, and use the ammo and firing speeds and reload sounds they they both use in their respective games.

I am not happy with how the dashboard came out, and the wheels are too shiny, but overall, I really like it! Low prop, low lag, looks nice, and it works well.

More pics at

Behold and bow down to my epic contraption!

and for those who want to see its unblured epicness

no one said you had to do it seriously did they?
and no my car was not built seriously, just wanted to mess with after effects again and this just gave me the chance

oh and info about it, its a three weeler thats ment to represnt the finest of made in china type stuff ( bad quality controll so it looks bad and hardly works with out breaking) it has no suspension, engine, lights, coolness or any other thing, it has hydralic adv bul streering and thatts it


powered by an e2 and has live axel rear + front independnt susp
EDIT: it can lift 10k



My entry… No video because I’m a lazy chavvy shit.


just thought i would liknk to some ones entry, as on the thread they said they dont know if there here or not
Is it Central Time ?

You know, this doesn’t really provide much of a window in which to enter. If someone didn’t check the forums last night or today, they can’t enter their hard work. It might be good to extend it a day.


Umm the contest has been going for 2 weeks now, and if they read the first thread they would know when to post

But these people do not know about this new thread were you post your entries.

Bah, the contest suddenly finished on me, and I didn’t have time to work on my monowheel… well, I didn’t really want to work on it since it got dupe raped.

Whatever, I’ll just post the early beta…

It’s a monowheel goddammit. Was supposed to be something like Harkonnen Buzzsaw, but I lost interest in it.

Vid coming right up… even tho it’s not really necessary.

^ how do you sit in it

God I have 58 minutes to finish my car

Someone missed the edit button.

indeed i did