Problem officer?

I know a guy who looks like that

…What have you done?!

oh god…

Looks good bro.

Model of the year.


It’s called Trollface, not coolface.

“Cool face” comic was funnier than the other one.

I prefer cool face.

Even the creator of the meme calls it Trollface…


What the hell have you done.

Sex pose coolface

You can disagree with me all you like but I’m know I’m right, so whatever

I’m not changing the name.


Let me clear things up.

This is Trollface.
This is Coolface.

Now, when are people going to start posting Garry’s Mod Coolface comics? This thread needs more content.

If anyone knows who made this, get them to make it for gmod.

the fuck…

best use of zbrush I ever saw

Wow at the guy on the right! Looks like that face! Funny stuff there!

Well spotted man