Coolie GMod Video

My & my friends second GMod video, tell us what you think!

(User was banned for this post ("Trollin" - Uberslug))

The school shooting part was way too long and the second part was just fucked up, this isn’t funny it’s just disturbing bro.

Absolutely abysmal.

I’m not gonna sugar coat this one.
This is the worst fucking bullshit I’ve ever seen in my damn life.

Unless you were trying to be retarded then… i guess good job.

That was pretty shitty.

Disturbing, un-funny, and absolutely disgusting. Please consider removing the video for the sanity of others.

hah wowe rapin kids nk killin kids is funne xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!1 i bet u guys r 13 xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD meem xDDDDD

Too long? We agree it may have been a few seconds over how it should’ve been, but mind you two people people worked on this video, our previous video had an astonishing 8 people working on design and filming! If you want to see “Too long”, you should check out our other video. It’s almost four minutes of Uncle Tom having a fun time with a person who isn’t a child.

I don’t think anyone’s gonna check out your other shitty video due to the fact that you made a video about killing and raping kids. Also I highly doubt 8 people worked on your other video, considering it’s basically a long video of your butt buddy making terrible sex sounds of the character raping a dead body. I’d assume you and your friend got raped, hence why you love rape so much? Either that, or your humor is pretty terrible.

Someone’s heated.

Not really, just pointing out the obvious bb ;^)

reminds me of vinny’s weird jewfro

You can voice your opinion on our work as you please, however, complain in a more mature manner and not with faces and abbreviations that make you sound more like a 13 year old (or younger), as you described us. Go enjoy what you want to enjoy, and we will enjoy what we enjoy, which is making people angry (such as you.) Have a nice day, sir.

Sorry, kinda hard to complain in a mature manner considering how your video is about killing and raping kids, and that you made an alt account to post something positive so you can feel better about your “work” that took 5 seconds to make. The whole point of the “faces and abbreviations” is sarcasm, you’d know that if you “love meme’s” so much. I’m not really angry, I just find it funny that you think raping kids and killing kids funny, or rather that your humor consists of raping kids and killing them.

Well, honestly it looks like shit and it just ear raped me…

Well, all we’re gonna say is if you honestly, truly have a problem with our content, then shut the hell up and quit whining about it, albeit, you can at least be amusing with your response if you really want to say something, kinda like our argument, but a little less lengthy.

Why? I’m allowed to voice my own opinion remember? So what’s the problem??? Why does it have to be a little less lengthy? Do you not like reading? If anything you should take your own advice, and maybe get a sense of humor while you’re at it??
By the way, my posts aren’t even that lengthy, it’s like two sentences each post, does it hurt your eyes or something? Or do you want it to be a little less lengthy because you have to actually think about what you’re going to say, to help yourself not look like a douche bag who fantasizes about raping and killing kids?

We’re voicing our opinion on what you’re saying, which is you shutting up.

That makes no sense at all, because if I were to shut up, I wouldn’t have replied, nor have said anything, which by the way I did say something. Again, take your own advice, if my opinion hurts your feelings, then ignore me and move on. That’s sort’ve why the “ignore” function exists.

Try to treat other people with respect that they deserve, We’ve done nothing wrong here, we have only made quality content for the internet to enjoy.