Coop Medkit Addon

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Create a folder in addons called Zoeys Medkits Addon

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I was out of ideas, Someone popped a health vial in my face then this idea hit me.


A Buddy Healing system like synergy.

Gives players the ability to heal other players and themself.

Healing other players is maximum effectivness.

Healing yourself is half as effective.

As you heal your friends, you will get better skills in healing, As you do, your healing is more effective.

5 Medkit amount would become the power of 7, so on so forth.

You can turn the leveling system and the incapping off with the command in the description at the download


Heal yourself and friends.
Incapping like in L4D.
Dragging incapped friends.
Regenerative supply.
Synergy Style Hud at the top left of the screen.
Simple Leveling up system thats togglable by admins.
Can revive team mates who have died.
Green plus over dead friends for revival.
Green text under the medkit amounts telling you who healed you, if your being revived or you healed yourself, It also tells you the amount you where healed by.

For players who like to play coop, Have fun.


Incap Video:


I like the revival. I’ll be checking it out.

Will it conflict with l4d2 sweps and the defib?




Does picking up a health kit refill your heal-supply thing?

Nah, it regens on its own.

You should add a thirdperson animation for being incapped, instead of just crouching.

thats what i was going to say but…
Agreed. this looks great.

If such a thing was possible. i dont know if you can in garrysmod, unless somehow L4d2 animations get ported into gmod, but then it will have to have the player own l4d2.

That wouldn’t work, lenx. The playermodels in L4D2 and GMod have differing skeletons or whatever.

I love this addon but there is one huge bug that has kept me from installing it on my server, whenever anyone dies or gets revived they spawn in the ground. I have tried this addon on a fresh installation of g-mod and the bug still occurs. Please Help!

I think I managed to incoporate your near death addon with this but I’m not sure.
Perhaps you should do it anyway because it would make being incapped much more dramatic.

There is no such bug as this in other installs and my own, You are probly using another addon thats doing this.

Could you not have put in a custom animation or anything? Crouching looks a little… Cheap.

I have tried this addon on a fresh installation of g-mod and the bug still occurs. Please Help!

And do what? Redo the torso and legs, so whenever there bone sets spin there body looks imploded?

Isn’t it possible to make animations using Lua?
I remember some guy did it.

The API wasnt made for it. But… if i can manage to add an animation to a .mdl file, i think garry made an mdl file that loads into ALL MODELS so i can add a simple anim there, and it would be added to the rest of the gmod players.

Garry needs to give us the UNCOMPILED maleanims and femaleanims, When i uncompile, then recompile, the body gets fucked up. and some of the animations just have the player in a Ball.

ERROR: cannot find bone ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Toe0 for bbox

Refrence for how fucked up it is without compiling with the toes:

I thought of rollermikes. :v: